Know your membership benefits

FAD offers a number of exclusive benefits with membership. Read on to learn more about FAD membership.


Use your FAD membership to make new connections, share ideas and expertise, grow your relationship, and expand your knowledge.  Individuals from all levels of your organization can benefit when you add them to your organizations FAD roster.

FAD Expo

Be inspired with new ideas and connections at FAD’s premier expos. You will hear from Deaf-renowned speakers, make important connections at networking events, participate in special sessions, or attend EDUtours available exclusively to members. Check out upcoming events.

Save on registration fees and exhibit space, FREE access to education sessions and discounted event tickets. Exclusive members-only pricing is available for:

FAD E-Zine Subscription

Your print and digital subscription to the organization’s leading weekly magazine is FREE

FAD Public Affairs

Whether we are working with legislators on safety standards, discussing how labor laws affect the industry or decoding new regulations, FAD strives to shape safety-related legislation at all levels of government.

Member Benefits


Discounted Expo Access

Discounted access to all FAD expos is just one of the many benefits members receive.