FAD College Scholarships

                                     Letter from Michael Stultz, FAD Scholarship Chair                              

FAD Scholarship

TO: Deaf High School Seniors in Florida
FROM: Michael Stultz, FAD Scholarship Chair
RE: Announcement

I am very pleased to announce that the FAD Board has recently approved two scholarships to be given for the 2017-2018 school year. Below are some  information that all deaf high school seniors in your district need to know before they can apply for the FAD Scholarship. SUMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED on or before April 1, 2018.
FAD Scholarship 
Determine Funding for Awards

For the school year of 2017-2018, the FAD Board has voted to award two $1,000 scholarships to two selected seniors for their higher education at an accredited institution. The first two scholarships is to be awarded to a senior from the Florida School for the Deaf and the second scholarship to a senior from a mainstreamed school in Florida.
Duration of Awards
Scholarships will be a one-time award and are nonrenewable.
Scholarship Criteria
A. Eligible Applicants

*Must have a significant bilateral hearing loss (30 dB or greater) unaided as
       shown on a current audiogram.
*Must complete all courses for a high school Standard Diploma.  Must be 
      verified by High School Principal and/or High School Guidance Counselor.
*Plan to attend a higher education accredited institutions as a full-time 

B. Primary Award Criteria
*Academic achievement: unweighted 3.0 GPA or higher, ACT or SAT score
*Community/extracurricular involvement
*Good Citizenship
C. Others
*Two letters of support
*Most Current High School transcript
*Copies of acceptance letters from higher education institutions
*Completion of the scholarship application
*Attach a school picture of the applicant to the application
*Create and submit a 1-2 minute video using ASL or sign language, to the best of your ability. Please discuss your post-secondary plans—what do you plan to do after graduation from high school?  This video may be submitted by emailing to   Michael Stultz, (natcraz@gmail.com).
Scholarship Application Instructions
Incomplete or late submissions will be ineligible.  The Committee will screen all completed applications and select two winners.  FAD will recognize scholarship winners at their Senior Awards ceremony if possible. Scholarship checks will be issued directly to the winners’ chosen school the next fall.
FAD Scholarships will be awarded based on the following eligibility criteria:
*Currently a senior at FSDB or at a mainstreamed school graduating in 2017
*Have evidence of bilateral hearing loss of 30 db or greater
*Have academic and leadership promise
*Have a record of school or community service
*Have two letters of support (one from school, one from the community)
*Enclose copies of acceptance letters from higher education  institutions
*Must complete the application (See the Scholarship Application link on www.fadcentral.org)
Please share this letter with your guidance counselors, teachers who work with deaf/HH seniors and parents.  Thank you.
Michael Stultz,
Chair FAD Education Committee32 Magnolia Dunes Circle
St. Augustine, Fla. 32080

FAD Scholarship Announcement Letter

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