FAD 2017-2019 Board Officers & Committee

                                                   Lisa Rose, FAD President                                            

                                             Tim Wood, FAD Vice President                                               

                                                   Betti Bonni, FAD Secretary                                                  

                                                   Jerry Nelson, FAD Treasurer                                            

                                                   FAD Board and Committee 2017-2019                                               


Past President and Parliamentarian-Andy Lange
Members at Large-Beverly Beal and Tom D'Angelo
FAD Representation
Florida Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (FCCDHH) -Donna Drake and Glenna Ashton-(one vote)
Telecommunications Access System Act (TASA) -Jon Ziev and Tom D'Angelo-(one vote)

Affiliated Organization Representation (Voting)

Florida Deaf Blind Association (FDBA) -David Roberts
Florida American Sign Language Teachers Association (FASLTA) -Bo Clements
Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (FRID) -Adam Ledo
Florida School for the Deaf Alumni Association (FSDAA) -Senette Jenkins
Broward County Association of the Deaf (BCAD) -Aurora Solomon
Jacksonville Deaf Club (JDC) -Manuel Charbonnier
Palm Beach County Association of the Deaf (PBCAD) -Allan H. Karp and Maureen Whetham
South Florida Recreation Association of the Deaf (SFRA) -Victor Solano
St. John County Association of the Deaf (SJCAD) -Pamela Harris
Tri County Association of the Deaf (TCAD) -Louis Schwarz
Waving Hands-John Paul Jebian

Nonprofit/Government Organization Representation (Non-Voting)
Florida Telecommunication Relay Inc. (FTRI)
 Family & Youth -Rosa Rodriguez

Committees-Non Voting
Membership- Vacant
Endowment- Gerald Nelson, Chair and Committee- Cecil Bradley and Joel Silberstein
Auditors- Vacant
History-Brendan Murphy
Website and FADezine-Sarah Harris
College Scholarships-Vacant
Bylaws – Nancy Bloch