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For providing videos in Sign Language for you to watch the videos below

                                                       FEMA Accessible Individual Assistance-Housing Inspections                                                   

FEMA Accessible Individual Assistance - Housing Inspections

Inspection Video Script
[Speaker introduces themselves, full name and job position]
Once you have registered for assistance, an inspector will contact you to schedule an appointment. If you have a disability or access and functional need, please let your inspector know what your reasonable accommodation needs are-for example: a sign language interpreter.
Before your appointment, here are a few things you will need to begin your inspection:
·       Someone 18 years or older who lived in the house prior to the disaster must be present.
·       A valid photo ID.
·       Proof of occupancy, such as a utility bill or driver’s license.
·       If you own your home, proof of ownership of the damaged residence, like a deed or mortgage statement.
Your inspector will have passed an FBI background check and will have official government photo ID, which they are required to display.
Remember, FEMA never charges for inspections of your damaged home.
The inspection will last approximately 20-40 minutes. The inspector will walk through the entire home to view the damaged and non-damaged areas. They will assess disaster-caused damage for structural and personal property, such as appliances, furniture.
Your inspector will ask questions about disaster caused losses and expenses, such as medical and dental expenses.
The FEMA inspector is there to document disaster-caused damage, NOT to determine whether you are eligible for assistance.
If you are unable to be present during the inspection, the inspector will work with you to designate a person to represent you.
Once the inspection is completed and reviewed, you will receive an eligibility determination and will be notified based on your preferred method of contact.
You may receive a visit from more than one inspector, such as a FEMA quality control inspector or representatives from the US Small Business Administration.

                                              FEMA Accessible Individual & Households program Eligibility                                                

                                             FEMA Accessible How to Register with Disaster Survivor Assistance                                          

                                             FEMA Accessible FEMA Registration Process-Registration (Part One)                                         

                    FEMA Accessible FEMA Registration Process - Home Inspections/Follow Up With FEMA (Part Two)                        

                                                              FEMA Accessible - Call FEMA with Questions                                                               

                                                       FEMA Accessible Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA)                                                     

Transitional Sheltering Assistance Script
Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) is a FEMA program that allows disaster survivors to temporarily stay in hotels or motels.
·       To be eligible for TSA, you must:
o  Register for FEMA Disaster Assistance (disasterassistance.gov)
·       FEMA will contact you by phone, text, or email to let you know if you are eligible for TSA. Once you are notified, that you are eligible that you are eligible, you can find participating hotels at www.disasterassistance.gov and select “Participating Hotel List-Transitional Sheltering Assistance”
·       If you have a disability or access or functional need, participating hotels are required to indicate the number of hotel rooms with “ADA accommodations.”
·       When you contact the hotel be sure to tell them what features are required for your disability or access or functional need.
·       Contact the hotel directly to ask if “Transitional Sheltering Assistance rooms are available.” If rooms are available, go to the hotel in person to book a room.
Don’t Forget:
·       Before you travel, check room availability
·       Make sure to bring your photo identification and FEMA registration ID number
·       You are responsible for all costs such as room service, laundry, parking, telephone or other services. FEMA makes payments directly to lodging providers for room rental and taxes;

                                                                  FEMA Accessible TSA Eligibility                                                            

                             FEMA Accessible - FAQ Federal Disaster Assistance - Part One (FEMA disaster assistance)                              

                             FEMA Accessible - FAQ Federal Disaster Assistance - Part Two (FEMA denial/appeal)                             

                             FEMA Accessible - FAQ Federal Disaster Assistance Part Three (SBA; FEMA paperwork)                          

                         FEMA Accessible - FAQ Federal Disaster Assistance - Part Four (FEMA disaster assistance funds)                     

                                                  FEMA Accessible Flood Safety/Warning Tips and Vocabulary                                               

                                                  FEMA Accessible American Red Cross's Safe and Well                                               

                                                   FEMA Accessible Hurricane Harvey Search and Rescue                                              

                                                    FEMA Accessible - Shelter in Place During a Disaster                                             

                                       FEMA Accessible Hurricane Harvey Texas Presidential Disaster Declaration                                       

                                                                Helpful Tips for Returning Home after a Flood                                                              

                                                                      Information on Seeking Shelter                                                                    

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Floridian folks!!! Please continue to share! Seek shelter when needed, PLEASE send sarahlynn.guillory@redcross.org an email for your name and locations so she has it for future reference. She wants to be sure that for any future natural disasters she knows how to reach the Deaf community